Cyber security is a phrase that makes us think of large-scale government against government technology disruption but the reality is that almost all businesses have some exposure to cyber threats. With vulnerabilities across networks, endpoints, authentication and cloud-based services businesses need to have data protection measures at all points of visibility. Rapid7’s Quarterly Threat Report (Nov, 2019) recommends that organisations develop a mulit-layered approach to digital security to ensure that small threats don’t become major breaches.

Building digital resilience should be core business for all organisations but it can be a daunting task. Cutting through the jargon, designing a security framework and finally implementing a digital security protocol is often put in the too hard basket. have put together a guide to help businesses tackle these projects. The guide and tutorials take you step-by-step through the process of understanding cyber threats, protecting customer information, and developing a cyber security policy. It is aimed at SMEs and is a great starting point for organisations that are seeking to understand the digital environment they are operating within and who want to safeguard their business for the future.