Digital transformation took on new urgency in 2020 with COVID-19 and numerous natural disasters causing interruption to ‘business as usual’ across the globe. Organisations that adapt quickly to the ‘new normal’ of a remote workforce and digital marketplace with an agile supply chain, will thrive.

Market leading, secure and cost effective digital transformation requires you to understand: your customer, your business rules and appetite for change, your budget, and your data protection obligations. Understanding these key elements is critical to designing a solution that delights your customers, integrates with your suppliers, is embraced by your workforce, grows and evolves with you and is affordable (now and into the future).

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and a thorough understanding of current  vendors and technology (both in tech and legal speak), we will work with your legal and finance teams, and directly with your IT and change management teams to guide you through the process from concept to completion.

Having written many industry leading technology contracts and with a thorough working knowledge of government IT procurement contracts, we ably assist both consumers and suppliers of IT services, understanding the drivers and pain points on each side of the fence!





Understanding your existing business rules, future roadmap, customer needs, security requirements and budget will drive your solution design

Vendor Selection

Ability to deliver the functionality you require (now and into the future), on time, on budget and to meet your service levels will guide vendor choice

Future Roadmap

Ensuring your digital solution grows with you

Contract Negotiation

Get the risk/reward balance right

Support & Maintenance

Ensuring functionality and performance

Build & Go Live

Keeping your vendors to their end of the bargain

Solution Design

The sky’s the limit… or not!


  • End users – staff, customers, suppliers
  • Requirements – business rules, regulatory obligations, future roadmap
  • Infrastructure – cloud vs on-premise
  • Applications – SaaS, COTS or customised solution
  • Support – in-house, outsourced, As a Service or Managed Service


  • RFP preparation and tender review
  • Flexibility, scalability, adaptability
  • Data and system security risk review
  • Service levels and track record
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Capital investment vs ‘as a service’ consumption


  • Contract jigsaw – EULAs, perpetual vs subscription, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, managed service, SOW
  • Business interruption and security breach – protecting your data, systems and reputation
  • Ensure on time, on budget delivery
  • A ‘single throat to choke’ – dealing with multiple vendors
  • Termination – for vendor failure or for convenience


  • Scoping – business rules, functional and non-functional requirements
  • Infrastructure and middleware – on-premise, outsourced or public cloud
  • Security policies and standards
  • Gap analysis – COTs vs customisation
  • Blueprint and proof of concept
  • Managing stakeholder expectations


  • Methodology – Agile vs waterfall
  • Change control and budget
  • Schedule, delays and liquidated damages
  • Acceptance testing, defects and warranty
  • Managing multiple vendors
  • Milestones and payment
  • Change management and training


  • Help desk – first level, second level, third level
  • Defects and warranty
  • Updates and new releases – SaaS vs traditional licence
  • Proactive maintenance, end point monitoring, penetration testing
  • Service levels and service credits
  • Root cause analysis, BCP, DR and backup
  • Service delivery management and reporting


  • Upgrade path for customisations
  • Scalability – speed and capacity management
  • End of life and refresh
  • Technology evolution – security and functionality
  • Benchmarking – competitive pricing


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