With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, supporting both customers and suppliers of IT services across numerous industries in the public and private sector, when it comes to IT contracting we understand the drivers and pain points on both sides of the fence!

For consumers of IT services, we will be your trusted advisor in dealing with a multi vendor environment, negotiating contracts for delivery of IT services on time and within your budget, to meet your functionality and performance requirements and above all, to minimise downtime and ensure security of your data.

For government customers, our many years of experience dealing with State and Commonwealth procurement contracts enables us to guide you efficiently through the negotiation process, offering practical alternatives to resolve supplier non-compliance and deliver a fair risk/reward balance.

For IT suppliers, our technical understanding of your solution enables us to speak your language, help you respond to tenders and put the contractual jigsaw together. Having developed numerous industry leading IT contracts, we know what terms and conditions are acceptable to the marketplace. We will help you protect your IP and meet your customers’ needs whilst mitigating legal and operational risk.



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