We can assist you to understand your compliance obligations and to comply cost effectively (neither ‘teacher’s pet’ nor ‘truant’ is effective).

We can review your existing policies and procedures and recommend improvements to meet your compliance obligations.

With over 20 years’ experience in tax and regulatory disputes we can assist you to deal with enquiries, audits and disputes with regulatory authorities.


Good corporate governance minimises disputes between stakeholders and enhances your reputation and the saleability of your business.

We can assist you to understand your director’s duties and the penalties for non-compliance (including fines and criminal convictions).

We can assist you to put in place a Delegations of Authority to ensure the Board’s authority is appropriately delegated to management.

We can help improve your business record keeping, including shareholders’ resolutions, board resolutions, WHS and employee records.


A contract is a tool for allocating risk, it does not eliminate risk. We can help you identify other tools to manage contractual risk, including, insurance, operational diligence, competent project management and managing customer expectations.

We can help you determine your ‘preferred positions’ when negotiating contracts (e.g. liability caps, termination rights, data security).

With over 20 years’ litigation and project management experience, we can assist you to avoid, manage and resolve disputes cost effectively.

We can assist you to establish an in-house legal function or you may benefit from our InsideOut Subscription Service.


IP is one of the most valuable assets of modern business but is often poorly documented and protected. This is a problem when you come to sell your business. We can assist you to identify and track IP and ensure your business retains full ownership of this valuable asset.

Your data systems are the backbone of your business. Protecting your data and the data of your customers is critical in order to meet your contractual and regulatory obligations and to minimise disruption to your operations, maximise your competitive advantage and retain the trust of your customers and suppliers.

With over 20 years’ experience in IT contracting, we can advise you comprehensively on how to deal with liability for data protection and data loss.

What challenge are you facing?

We need to review our T&Cs and regulatory compliance

We need to improve our corporate governance

We need an in-house legal team and a contract management system

IP and data security systems management


We have the conviction to provide advice that allows our clients to make decisions
and achieve better outcomes for their business.

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