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Many businesses embark on an acquisition trail that is thrilling but leaves a heavy administrative tail in it’s wake. Poor integration of acquired entities results in ‘siloed’ operations that fail to deliver the synergies that mergers and acquisitions promise. We can assist you to restructure and integrate your entities to realise synergies and reduce administrative overhead.

We can project manage your restructuring and integration projects utilising our methodology and suite of documents.

As these projects are often lengthy in duration, we offer our services on a retainer basis for a fixed monthly fee. In order to successfully complete the project, we will need to work closely with your finance, tax, treasury, legal and HR teams.


Acquisition often results in a significant increase to the number of entities within a corporate group. This increases your regulatory reporting burden (ASIC, ATO), management, and financial reporting and audit costs and banking charges for multiple baking facilities.

If entities are located overseas, you may be subject to additional regulatory reporting obligations, foreign exchange considerations and taxation obligations.

We will work with your tax and financial advisors (or with our network of advisors) to review and recommend changes to your corporate structure with the aim of reducing your reporting and administrative overheads.

Once you have approved the changes, we can project manage the implementation utilising our methodology and suite of documents.

This project may include transferring subsidiaries between parents, merging subsidiaries and liquidating dormant subsidiaries.


Integration is often promised but rarely delivered. It required persistent and focused effort, cooperation and a willingness to change. It also requires money. A willingness to invest in integration will ensure that synergies promised will be realised. Without integration, your businesses will operate as silos.

We can project manage the integration of your acquired businesses utilising our methodology and suite of documents.

The project may include transferring employees from one employing entity to another, harmonising terms and conditions of employment, consolidating business premises (terminating leases), streamlining accounting systems and other IT systems, novating customer contracts from one operating entity to another, establishing tax consolidation groups and numerous other tasks depending on your desired level of integration.

We have received a breach notice.

We have reached a stalemate in a dispute.

We are being sued by a customer.

Our employee resigned but is claiming unfair dismissal.

We have a large debt to collect.

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